Websites affected by Google updates

While the web is a place for everyone to connect and get their message across, this powerful communication medium can be cluttered with websites that try to come up for certain search keywords even though their material is not relevant or if relevant, these sites can come on top of other websites which may be their competition and keep them from coming up high in search results so people searching will not get the best information.

The web can be abused in this way and good information can be overshadowed with low quality websites, poor quality articles, irrelevant listings and commercial sales pitch websites.

In order to provide the best information and clear up the clutter of irrelevant information and ¬†websites, from time to time Google changes their search algorithms, which can affect your website’s rankings. ¬†If you had optimization done to your site previously, the older optimization techniques can actually hurt your rankings rather than help.

As an example, some of the top optimization companies have built websites with medium “Page Rank” that they would link to your site for a fee to increase your rankings. Links from these forums, “content farms” or “spam farms” with “Anchor Text” (Keywords linked to your site) will now reduce your rankings instead of increasing it. Any such links need to be cleaned up.

Many people have been affected by Google’s algorithm updates and their website traffic reduced. To correct this problem, links to your websites should be from sites with relevant content with good quality information. The link should use your web address, not anchor text.


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